NAGEL RINAK electric stapler

Flat block and saddle stapling up to 4mm
Flexible stapling of brochures and pads
The NAGEL RINAKR electric stapler is excellently suited for sophisticated stapling jobs in offices, schools, copy shops and printing houses. The simple handling and easy changeover from flat to saddle stapling are indispensable features for a device designed for multiple users. The Rinak produces perfect presentation material quickly and efficiently, even in small volumes.
  •     electric stapling machine for block and saddle stapling for brochures
  •     flat block stapling: up to 4 mm (~40 sheets / 80gsm paper)
  •     saddle stapling for brochures: up to 3 mm (~ 30 sheets / 80 gsm paper)
  •     easy switch from block to saddle stapling through tiltable table
  •     stapling head with adjustable piercing power
  •     adjustable side guide
  •     can be fixed to table tops
  •     for staples 26/6, 26/8S and Ri 26/6
  •     capacity: 210 staples
  •     max. depth importable: 30 mm (block stapling)
  •     power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  •     dimensions: W270 x D370 x H360mm
  •     netweight: 7.5 kgs
Condition: good working condition, still in production, test possible.

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